Between sculpture, design and architecture…

The stone sculptor produces ornaments and decorative motifs in bas-relief or sculptures in the round or in high-relief. The stone is chosen according to its physical characteristics: density, volume, surface area, hardness and reliability.

Stone sculpture is a particular technique of sculpture in that it designates a method of making a work different from modeling in clay or cast iron. The oldest known art forms are stone carving.

Firstly ,in the public domain, a stone sculptor creates monumental sculptures, fountains and other elements of street furniture or architectural decoration. The sponsors are the State, local authorities, private companies subcontracting for National Monuments or even funeral directors. Stone sculptors can benefit from the law which obliges municipalities, departments and regions to devote 1% of the amount of the investment to the inclusion of works of art in all buildings. To a lesser extent, a sculptor also works for architectural firms or individuals.

A building artist, he makes the most of a block of stone extracted from a quarry, and gives it the desired shape, based on sketches or templates: Window sills, frames, moldings, cornices, slabs of floors, stairs, landings, coverings of chimneys, tombs, works of art, masonry masonry, scissors, gouge… He uses traditional tools to cut, lay or cut back.

Furthermore the stone carver is the heir to the builders of cathedrals, this building craftsman is a true artist. Custodian of ancestral know-how and respectful of traditions, it is no less open to the latest technological developments.

Finally, The profession appears as soon as man wants to build imposing buildings designed to last (temples, fortifications, etc.), therefore from ancient Egypt and in Greek and Roman Antiquity. Then, over the centuries, the trade continues without interruption, sometimes retaining the same techniques and tools (certain types of tools used by today’s stonemasons have not changed in 2000 years). The freestone construction then affects all areas of architecture: church, cathedral, castle, bridge, quay, etc. Stone carving is a need since the begining of the era of construction.

In conclusion, the profession of stonemason is a millenary profession working for the protection of heritage and techniques. Its field of action is vast, ranging from architecture to art. The stonemason is of public utility for institutions, museums, cities.




“The role of art is to reinvent itself according to contemporary values such as ecology, the latest technologies, culture and customs. The role of a creator is to make life easier for people and to spread a message. Art has long been a cultural and representative vector of our time.

This is why today’s creator must respond to today’s problems on a more weighty way of consuming, and make the best use of new means / medium of creation to «optimize» natural spending.

Consequently, the use of new materials such as those of the most perennial as the stone which offers an alternative to the overconsumption of the object, all in a process of exchange of know-how.”



Creation of unique art pieces

(Production and expertise,
Heritage restoration,
Creation of 3D models,
Creation of algorithm for industrialization)


-The customer earns money because the company uses material and time saving.
-The company uses rock quarries to work.
-The company maintains the heritage and the know-how of the ancestral knowledge of stone cutting.
-The client makes a long-term investment.
-The materials used are durable, these values ​​are important for the ecology and the climate.
-The company is participating in the evolution of technology and knowledge.

Classical sculpture

Restauration , conservation of heritage

Traditional stone technique and rendering techniques, laser cleaning, micro scrubbing or misting, coexist and converge towards a common goal: to preserve, enhance, and nurture a unique and irreplaceable heritage. Creation of a new art piece when it’s necessary with the same technique.
Knowledge of traditional and digital flow of stone.

Naturally hand made



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