by Laurent Rivoire & Dorian Vanhorenbeeck

A unique marriage of stone and sound reproduction for an exceptional speaker

A unique marriage of stone and music Bringing together the majesty of matter and stone and the poetry of music in an exceptional speaker.
Carved in marble of your choice, it is equipped with rare broadband speakers and modified to faithfully reproduce the entire sound scene with a natural brilliance.
The approach of the wide band without filter in an enclosure of adapted volume makes it possible to reproduce all the energy, all the modulation contained in the music fundamentally made up of transients”. In order to linearize the frequency response towards the top of the spectrum, a DSP allows an exploration of the frequencies up to 20kHz at -3 dB.Sound reproduction for an exceptional speaker.

“The pen is the language of the soul” said Cervantes.
We wanted to make it sing too, in a lightness, in an aerial ballet which makes it admirable and inspiring.
As you will have understood, we like to explore the currents of thought that inspire but also incite to action. It is not a question of idolatry or servitude to the wind, but simply of the human soil and nature from which we draw together our energy, our imagination and our values… to share our dreams.
For us, beauty, in its aesthetic but also universal and conceptual dimension, is a language of transformation, of mobilization and of the link to the Other.
Creativity, innovation, elegance, poetry and excellence are then the arches of each work that we build.

©Bertrand Berhin
©Bertrand Berhin

We are two scientific and artistic dreamers who try to bring innovative unthinking