Dorian Vanhorenbeeck is Belgian-Luxembourgish. He is now 25 years old. He studied & worked in different countries & cities to be a sculptor in cities like Paris, Pontarlier, Lausanne, Brussels, Lyon, valence, luxembourg … Where he received prizes for his work.
He is now studying architecture and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels///Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences. Robotics like classical art are the fields of his creations.

Formation , Diploma , Awards : 

Since 2018: Architecture and Design student (Erasmus)

-Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, BE

-Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences, DE

-2016-CAP {COMPAGNON DU DEVOIR AOCDTF} Stone carver (Paris){Sketches,complex elements, layout , CAO DAO ARCHICAD / Rhinocéros} ,FR

-2016 World Skill Belgium Finaliste National ( Silver Medal) BE – MAF Meilleur Apprenti de france Région île de France et Seine St-denis (Gold medal) , FR .

-2019 Stair Design Award Finalist ( Musée des confluences Lyon , France ) ,FR

-2017 Ornamental Sculptor { FOREPABE FORMATION EUROPÉENNE }, FR

– Union Compagnonnique des devoirs Unis (Suisse ) / Stone cutting, marble, sculpture (Switzerland) Various training in Dao / CAD, Robotics and digital machine, CH


Exhibitions : 

-August 2020 MONACO Espace Fontvielle International Contemporary Art Fair Art3F

-August 2019 Symposium de sculpture sur pierre monumental CIP SPRIMONT / Exposition au musée de la pierre


-01/09 Exposition « GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL HUMAN ROTARY CREATIVE « au château Latour

-August 2018 RISS Monumental sculpture / opening of the new stone museum in Sprimont.

-August2017- Sculptur Symposium Marbrerie Crémer (Sculpture 2M/1M/1M) ( fratin , Belgique )

-February 2018 Exposition au « Salon des artisans » Organised by ROTARY , Arlon


Expérience Professionnelle : 

Current position :

– www.dv-concept.be /// Dorian Vanhorenbeeck


-November 2020 to today : Tutor at Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences/Research / ROBOLAB / Computational Design & robotic development


-Jully 2019 to today Sculptor for the « Monuments historiques luxembourgeois » Mola SARL Ettelbruck , Lux



-Juin 2019 Luxembourg SLCP « patrimoine luxembourgeois (Rempart Vauban) »

-Luxembourg SLCP de March to june2018. MH sculptor / restoration stonemason and new in Kirchberg; Management of the workshop on the site.

-Février 2018 – Sculptor / Digital / Numerical flow of stone JONZAC Charente maritime

-January to July 2017- Trainee at the European Training FoRePaBe – Ornamental Sculptor- (Berry, France) {Detailed learning of all styles of “classical” ornamentation, Geology, creation of stone elements, drawing.}

-August 2017 to december 2017 – Le grain D’orge Taille de pierre- (Drôme,France) {Use of digital machines: digital wire; digital debtor; 5 axes; 8 axis robot.} {Element size; Fountains, framing, Gothic network, Marquetry, marble work. CAD CAD}

-July 2016 Restauration of château de Penne- Association Mr Waringo {Supervision of two masons in the size of simple stone elements, explanation to site visitors}

-August 2014 à july 2016 – Compagnon du devoir AOCDTF – Pierre et Ouvrage FRASNE ( Bourgogne,france) {Drawing, CAD DAO, Technical drawing, Digital machine, sculpture} {Staircase, sculpture, Renovation of MH abbey, Gargoyle, Gothic network, fountain, vault}

Organisation :

-Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons , pilatre-de-rozier (Launcher / Crew)

-World ISSA symposium

Magazine publication : 

– Pierre Actual 2018 / 2019 (BE)

– A5ZINE 2019/2020 (EN)

-Art3F Monaco Book 2020


Software : 

Rhinocéros / Adobe / Autocad / Office / thea Studio / grasshopper / Archicad / Twinmotion / Unerealengine / C4D


Français : Native / Anglais : C2 / German : A1 :