Dorian Vanhorenbeeck is a 26-year-old Belgian-Luxembourg sculptor. He studied architecture and design at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles /// Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences, sculpture among companions and in various European formations and worked in 5 different countries and cities such as Paris , Lausanne, Brussels, Lyon, Valence, Luxembourg… Where he has received awards for his work. He also works in research at the University of Mainz in the field of robotics and algorithms for the creation of contemporary furniture. His creations are a mixture of ancestral know-how and the latest technologies.

Formation , Diploma , Awards :
Since 2018: Architecture and Design student (Erasmus)

-2020-Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences, DE

-2018-BA-Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, BE

-2017 Ornamental Sculptor { FOREPABE FORMATION EUROPÉENNE }, FR

– Union Compagnonnique des devoirs Unis / Stone cutting, marble, sculpture/// Various training in Dao / CAD, Robotics and digital machine, CH

-2016-CAP {COMPAGNON DU DEVOIR AOCDTF} Stone carver (Paris){Sketches,complex elements, layout , CAO DAO ARCHICAD / Rhinocéros} ,FR

-2019 Stair Design Award Finalist ( Musée des confluences Lyon , France ) ,FR
-2016 World Skill Belgium Finaliste National ( Silver Medal) BE
–2016 MAF Région île de France et Seine St-denis (Gold medal) , FR .


Exhibitions : 

-November 2021 Monaco Multi art gallery by Wendy Lauwers , Gallery Espace 22

-2021 -15 October. Monaco /Auction. Gala evening of the association “AUX CŒURS DES MOTS” ❤️✒️Hilde HANEUSE HEYE founder and under the honorary presidency of S.A.S Prince Albert II of Monaco.

-August 2021 Monaco Multi art gallery by Wendy Lauwers , Gallery Espace 22

-August 2020 Monaco Espace Fontvielle International Contemporary Art Fair Art3F

-August 2019 Symposium de sculpture sur pierre monumental CIP SPRIMONT / Exposition au musée de la pierre


-01/09 Exposition « GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL HUMAN ROTARY CREATIVE « au château Latour

-August 2018 RISS Monumental sculpture / opening of the new stone museum in Sprimont.

-August2017- Sculptur Symposium Marbrerie Crémer (Sculpture 2M/1M/1M) ( fratin , Belgique )

-February 2018 Exposition au « Salon des artisans » Organised by ROTARY , Arlon

Professional experience :  

Current position :

– www.dv-concept.be /// Dorian Vanhorenbeeck
///Creation and participation in international exhibitions. Communication and sales. Creation of sculptures , design , furniture.


  • January 2022 to today /// 3D Modeler / Int. architect / designer at STEINMETZDEMEYER Urbanist architect /// Luxembourg city 



-October 2020 to November 2021 : Assistant-student ///Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences/Research / ROBOLAB / Computational Design & robotic development:
/// Installation of kuka prc for a kuka kr60 robot /// Creation of a parametric machining algorithm for use in architecture and interior architecture, CAO DAO /// 3D printing


 -Jully 2018 to November 2021 Sculptor for the « Monuments historiques luxembourgeois » Mola SARL Ettelbruck
///  Sculptor at Mola SARL for the restoration of unique pieces of art and architecture in Luxembourg.


-May to june 2021 / Sculptor at Sauer Gmbh , mainz / DE

-Juin 2019 Luxembourg SLCP « patrimoine luxembourgeois (Rempart Vauban) »


-Luxembourg SLCP de March to june2018. MH sculptor / restoration stonemason and new in Kirchberg; Management of the workshop on the site.


-Février 2018 – Sculptor / Digital / Numerical flow of stone JONZAC Charente maritime-January to July 2017- Trainee at the European Training FoRePaBe – Ornamental Sculptor- (Berry, France) {Detailed learning of all styles of “classical” ornamentation, Geology, creation of stone elements, drawing.}

-August 2017 to december 2017 – Le grain D’orge Taille de pierre- (Drôme,France) {Use of digital machines: digital wire; digital debtor; 5 axes; 8 axis robot.} {Element size; Fountains, framing, Gothic network, Marquetry, marble work. CAD CAD}

-July 2016 Restauration of château de Penne- Association Mr Waringo {Supervision of two masons in the size of simple stone elements, explanation to site visitors}

-August 2014 à july 2016 – Compagnon du devoir AOCDTF – Pierre et Ouvrage FRASNE ( Bourgogne,france) {Drawing, CAD DAO, Technical drawing, Digital machine, sculpture} {Staircase, sculpture, Renovation of MH abbey, Gargoyle, Gothic network, fountain, vault}

Organisation :

-Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons , pilatre-de-rozier (Launcher / Crew)

-World ISSA symposium

Magazine publication : 

– Pierre Actual 2018 / 2019 (BE)

– A5ZINE 2019/2020 (EN)

-Art3F Monaco Book 2020

Software : 

Rhinocéros / Adobe / Autocad / Office / thea Studio / grasshopper / Archicad / Twinmotion / Unerealengine / C4D


Français : Native / Anglais : C1 / German : A1 :